Effective Communication Skills (ECS)

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In the era of networking using advanced technologies, it becomes very essential to ‘communicate’ in the most appropriate manner conveying the message in the right way to the right audience to serve the intended purpose.

Val-Add Labs brings its flagship program- ‘Effective Communication Skills (ECS)’ available in English, French and German.

Communication is one of the critical characteristics of an individual, letting him either climb the ladder of success or create troubles in professional as well as personal life. Also, the language of communication carries a significant weightage for its success.

English now claims to be the global language for communication and India is considered to be the second largest English speaking nation next to the US. There is a large portion of the country’s population, a little less than 90%, which does not speak English. However, with increasing demands from the market, the aspiring workforce needs to develop its ability to have a command over the language!

Our Communication Programs are designed to fulfill the needs and offer additional skill-enhancements such as Behavioral Skills and Confidence Building.

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The program objective is to help the learners gain command in three phases as-

Understand >> Improve >> Communicate

The program is well-equipped with its Delivery Model that includes Role Plays, Exercises, Audio-Video, Individual & Group Activities, Workbook, etc.

It covers different elements of the communication like Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Presentation skills, Body Language, etc.

You can call us at +91 94 220 660 90 or mail us at info@valaddlabs.com for additional information on the course.